ART307: An I.A. Diagram of the NLP ATM

If my dream ATM (with my dream ATM experience) existed, it would be the NLP ATM.  Through the use of natural language processing (NLP) technologies, this revolutionary machine is able to rapidly interpret, understand, and respond to human voice — allowing you, the user, to interact with this ATM using only your voice.

This revolutionary machine affords a just as revolutionary new experience for the user, one that is more:

  • Secure:  NLP ATM’s use iris scanning technology to identify users, plus cameras with facial recognition software to ensure that a user’s session is tied directly to their psychical presence at the ATM.
  • Green:  NLP ATM’s offer the ability to email your receipt, and run off of next to no power at all!
  • Sanitary:  No touching needed!
  • Enjoyable:  NLP ATM’s provide an experience like no other — You’ll actually enjoy visiting your ATM!

NLP ATM information architecture diagram (by Jordan Saints)

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